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In 2016, with the U.S. Presidential Election, Roy Westerman planed for fans to vote on the next Mayor for Gotham City. Each candidate had a electoral platform, and the result of the election would not only bring changes to the living timeline but also shape the Earth-2027 continuity.

The winner of the election was Lincoln March.

Candidates Edit

Lincoln March Edit


  • If elected, Lincoln March promises renovations to existing Gotham infrastructure, revitalizing Gotham's commercial and industrial sectors which in turn, he promises will strengthen the populace as a whole and promote increased tourism revenue. 
  • Furthermore, March seeks to pursue legislation which will give the members of "Batman, Inc." and other vigilantes vouched for by the GCPD legalized recognition as full citizens of Gotham to allow them to testify in court, enact full arrest powers, and be subject to oversight from a committee made up of members from the Gotham City Council, which would be chaired by new GCPD Commissioner Ellen Yin
  • March's pick for Commissioner is certainly controversial given Yin's youth and lack of experience, but March promises that fresh, progressive thinking is the key to a brighter Gotham. 
  • Finally, March seeks to tear down Arkham Asylum and remove all correctional facilities from Gotham's City limits, instead suggesting that a new Blackgate Prison be built in Blüdhaven using state of the art security measures and cutting-edge medical facilities; adding that he would also see to it that the new facility employed all current Arkham staff who wish to continue their employment. 


  • None - Lincoln March pays for his campaign entirely on his own, donating all campaign contributions to March Charities


Marian Grange Edit


  •  If elected, Marian Grange has promised to make significant reforms in Gotham's infrastructure. 
  • Grange has said that she supports Jason Bard as her choice for GCPD Commissioner
  • Grange intends to seek the termination of Jeremiah Arkham as the Administrator of Arkham Asylum, planning to install a local hero cop as his replacement.


  • The Gotham Citizen Council
  • Thomas and Martha Wayne Memorial Foundation


Sebastian Hady Edit


  • If elected to a third term, he has promised to reduce crime by sponsoring a stronger recruitment drive for the GCPD.
  • Mayor Hady has said he will maintain Commissioner Jim Gordon as GCPD Commissioner.
  • Mayor Hady has begun negotiations to sell more property to make way for the expansion of Arkham Asylum.


  • The Committee to Re-Elect Mayor Hady


The Consequences Edit

Trivia and Notes Edit

  • Terry will be Batman in all those futures... but his costume aesthetic will be influenced by which person is mayor. 
  • If Hady had won, he would have given the mob more power. Dick would have died shortly after becoming the DA and Tim would have quit having felt like a failure as he was too late to save Dick and felt like Bruce was thinking the same thing every time he looked at him. Terry would have been Tim's Robin at first and with Tim quitting, Terry steps up. The Batsuit Terry wears would be very similar to Tim's with a cape and more traditional look. Helena would have quit the life of a hero after she killed Roman Sionis... and evetually, through a variety of circumstances she has become a mafiosa herself and leads the resurrected Bertinelli mob... and is allowed to run The Bowery as only she is able to keep some degree of order in that neighborhood which even the police avoid.
  • If Grange had won, you would see more Dark Knight Rises influences... and it would have kicked off much sooner. When Heretic stabs Damian, Damian would become a quadriplegic and have severe brain damage. Bruce's health declines and guilt rises as he becomes a hermit that lives in the Manor, caring for his comatose son. Tim becomes the Batman until he and Steph decide to move to another city. In the early 2020s, Terry meets Bruce as Bruce believes that Terry's genes might be able to help heal Damian through a revolutionary transfusion therapy. Terry finds out Bruce is his father this way and this sours his relationship with Warren until Warren's death forces Terry to agree to help Bruce with Damian, in exchange for being trained by Bruce. Terry becomes Nightwing and through the same therapy that begins to heal Damian, Bruce is able to become Batman once again until a mind controlled Superman kidnaps Bruce (and other veteran Justice League members), forcing Terry to become Batman, with a partially healed Damian who uses a cane as his mentor. This Gotham (and the rest of the world) has grown tired of superheroes and in 2027, President Maxwell Lord (successor to President Luthor) has overseen the dismantling of the Justice League and the extermination of many once honored heroes. Terry's bat-suit would be heavily armored and Terry himself would be bulkier, unshaved, and scarred from his battles with villains and police alike.

Links and References Edit

  1. Elect March
  2. Elect Grange
  3. Elect Hady

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