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In 2012, the criminal Bane made headlines again, when he orchestrated another mass release of inmates at the Blackgate Prison and then blew it up, leaving Gotham with a surplus of criminals and nowhere to put them. Stryker's Island took a portion of the burden for a time, but the real relief came when the Wayne Foundation financed an expansion to Arkham Asylum, transforming it from an aging mental health institution into a state of the art prison complex, now partnered with ARGUS.

Task Force X is based out of Arkham Asylum due to the facility now belonging to ARGUS. The team was created in Belle Reve, they've just been relocated. The reasons for this move have been explained as being tied to ARGUS' headquarters in New York City, the proximity of the Hall of Justice, the population density of suitable Task Force X recruits housed in Arkham, and having a saturation of crimefighters (particularly the Batman) located in Gotham.

Each Patient is assigned a Patient Number, a threat level and treatment ranking. "M" in the Arkham Pateint Number stands for metahuman, "XT" stands for extraterrestrial and "J" stands for juvenile. The threat levels are: low, moderate, high and severe. The treatment rankings are: 1-Compliant, 2-Responsive, 3-Ambivalent, 4-Resistant, 5-Defiant and 6-Hostile.

Patient can be housed (depending on their condition, status and threat level) in a Trustee Housing, Theraupetic Care Area, General Population Area, Intensive Care Area, Maximum Securiy Area, Solitary Confinment, Basement and Black Wing. Patients can be temporary housed when waiting for transfer. Besides that Arkham has a research center, a botanical garden, a woodworking shop, a laundry and a computer lab.

Arkham Institute Edit

In the Earth-2027 continuity the Asylum has been renamed Arkham Institute.

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Trustee Housing Edit

  • 61992 Cobblepot, Oswald (The Penguin) (Released)
  • 88583 Wesker, Arnold (The Ventriloquist) (On Parole)
  • 40331 Kyle, Selina (Catwoman) (On Parole)
  • 82737 Riley, Peyton (Sugar) (Incarcerated)

Theraupetic Care Area Edit

General Population Area Edit

  • 65059 Lawton, Floyd (Deadshot) (Part of Task Force X)
  • 66181-M Isley, Pamela (Poison Ivy) (Currently on Parole)
  • 51976 Wu-San, Sandra (Lady Shiva) (Escaped during the League of Assassins breakout)
  • 71031 White, Warren (Great White Shark) (Released)
  • 60903 Elliot, Thomas (Hush) (Current whereabouts unknown)
  • 91498 Sutton, Roxanne (Roxy Rocket) (On Parole)
  • 63311 Blake, Thomas (Catman) (Incarcerated)

Intensive Care Area Edit

  • 99312 Quinzel, Harleen (Harley Quinn) (Part of Task Force X)
  • 61505 Crane, Jonathan (Scarecrow) (Incarcerated)
  • 51081 Tetch, Jervis (Mad Hatter) (Current whereabouts unknown)
  • 85386 Sionis, Roman (Black Mask) (Escaped)
  • 61274-M Hester, Kevin (Onomatopoeia) (Escaped after League of Assassins breakout, later caught by Green Arrow and Black Canary July 5th, 2017)
  • 92011-M Hudson, Jaina - A (White Rabbit) (Escaped after League of Assassins breakout)
  • 92012-M Hudson, Jaina - B (White Rabbit) (Escaped after League of Assassins breakout)
  • 66351 Brown, Arthur (Cluemaster) (Incarcerated)
  • 52184 Lynns, Garfield (Firefly) (Incarcerated)
  • 12732 Wilson, Anna (Alice) (Escaped August 13th, 2017)
  • 48140 Nygma, Edward (The Riddler) (Escaped the Phantom Zone June 26th, 2017)
  • 87403 Dent, Harvey (Two-Face) (Escaped)

Maximum Securiy Area Edit

  • 93497 Diego, Antonio - ALIAS (Bane) (Escaped during the League of Assassins breakout)
  • 102513-M Diaz, Larissa (Copperhead) (Currently in the Phantom Zone)
  • 71232-M al Ghul, Ra’s (Head of the Demon) (Escaped during the League of Assassins breakout)
  • 71411 al Ghul, Talia (Daughter of the Demon) (Escaped)
  • 83106 Nguyen, Jade (Cheshire) (Escaped during the League of Assassins breakout)
  • 13575-M Lee, Jennifer (Jenny Lee) (Current whereabouts unknown)
  • 99576 Cain, David (The Swiss) (Escaped during the League of Assassins breakout)
  • 80122-M Wilson, Slade (Deathstroke) (Escaped)
  • 88417 Knyazev, Anatoli (KGBeast) (Escaped)
  • 81210 Mathis, Mathilda (Dollhouse) (Incarcerated)

Solitary Confinment Edit

  • 42540 Napier, Jack - ALIAS (The Joker) (Currently in the Phantom Zone)
  • 72003 Doe, Jane (Jane Doe) (Escaped)
  • 76667 Flamingo, Eduardo (El Flamingo) (Escaped during the League of Assassins breakout, caught June 4th 2017)[1]
  • 77666 Valentin, Lazlo (Professor Pyg) (Current whereabouts unknown)
  • 96233 Zsasz, Victor (Mr. Zsasz) (Incarcerated)
  • 13576-M Lee, Wilhelmina (Billie) (Current whereabouts unknown)
  • 94101 Dahl, Mary (Baby Doll) (Incarcerated)
  • 89608 Machin, Lonnie (Anarky) (Incarcerated)

Basement Edit

  • 68373-M Fries, Victor (Mister Freeze) (Incarcerated)
  • 44-M Gold, Cyrus (Solomon Grundy) (Incarcerated)
  • 88357-M Jones, Waylon (Killer Croc) (Part of Task Force X)
  • 77459-M Sartorius, Alexander (Phosphorus) (Current whereabouts unknown)
  • 61298-M Hagen, Matthew (Clayface) (Incarcerated)
  • 70400-M Langstrom, Kirk (Man-Bat) (Escaped)
  • 84221-M Lincoln, Louise (Killer Frost) (Part of Task Force X)
  • 83529-M Mitternacht, Natalia (Nocturna) (Incarcerated)
  • 58487-M Jones, Rudy (Parasite) (Incarcerated)

Black Wing Edit

  • 101222-M Cobb, William (Talon) (Taken by Helena Bertinelli and Andrea Beaumont December 31st, 2016)
  • 90404 Scofield, Nathaniel (Arkham X) (Escaped June 15th, 2017)

Temporary Housing Edit

Deceased Edit

  • 79318 Rigger, Joseph (Firebug)[2]

Unknown Housing Edit

  • 60117 Harkness, George (Captain Boomerang) (Part of Task Force X)
  • 11111 Mathis, Barton (Dollmaker) (Incarcerated)
  • 126544-M Porter, Grant (The Key) (Escaped, caught July 17th, 2017)
  • 52365 Day, Julian (Calendar Man) (Escaped July 4th, 2017)
  • 78383 al Ghul, Nyssa (The Red Claw) (Escaped during the League of Assassins breakout)
  • Doe, John (Underworld) (Escaped August 13th, 2017)
  • 11994 Macendale, Gregory (Gargoyle) (Current whereabouts unknown)
  • 234026 Walker, Drury (Killer Moth) (Incarcerated)
  • 76463 Needham, Eric (Black Spider) (Released)

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Trivia Edit

  • If Case File Photos are found, you should contact Lt. Harvey Bullock of GCPD or Lt. Beni Shiolin of MPD.
  • One of its employees is a member of the Light.

Notes Edit

  • Previous directors of Arkham are mentioned named "Burton" and "Schumacher". These are nods to directors of Batman movies.
  • In the Earth-2027 continuity, Arkham Asylum is known as the Arkham Institute.
  • The majority of characters in this list were doctors and staff associated with Arkham Asylum. Some of them were villains.
    • Jeremiah Arkham, Alyce Sinner, Mahreen Zaheer and Aaron Cash were affiliated with Arkham in the main continuity.
    • Quincy Sharp, Frank Boles and Penelope Young come from Batman: Arkham Asylum video game.
    • Lyle Bolton and Joan Leland were from Batman: The Animated Series.
    • Simon Hurt was the leader of the Black Glove.
    • Byron Meredith was a villain called Merrymaker.
    • Chase Meridian was from Batman Forever Movie.
    • Roy Westerman, Peter Whang, Phil Cho and Emily Parker are original characters.
    • Hugo Strange was a psychiatrist in The Batman tv series.
    • Bart Wolper was a psychiatrist in Dark Knight Returns.
    • Directors Burton and Schumacher are nods to Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher.
    • Ruth Adams and Charlie Cavendish were from Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth.
    • Mike Stone was employed in Arkham Manor.

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