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Augustus Freeman IV: ???? - 1839 Edit

Before he was known as Icon or even Augustus Freeman, he was a successful alien arbiter from a race of beings called Terminians, but Arnus had the misfortune of living in a time of civil revolution. The so-called Cooperative had invited Terminia to join their ranks, but required that they adhered to Cooperative Law, which did not recognize the galactic standard practice of arbiters. Arnus had some political reservations about living under Cooperative rule and chose to leave his home planet. He had to travel far to escape the influence of the Cooperative, but eventually he found others willing to take a stand against the growth of the Cooperative, namely the Guardians of the Universe and their police force, the lantern Corps.

However, before Arnus could properly defect, Cooperative forces attempted to arrest him near the border of Cooperative reign and the Lantern Corps’ Sector 2814. After hearing of his supposed charger, Arnus chose not surrender and put his ship into overdrive, making a run for the border. Arnus’ ship was fired upon and its navigation, communication, and life support systems were damaged. Though he made it across the border and beyond Cooperative jurisdiction, Arnus would not live long… but at least he would die free.

Unable to find a suitable planet or survive long inside his ship, Arnus put himself in a stasis pod. Arnus had hoped someone would find his ship and rescue him, but that did not happen. No, Arnus’ ship crash landed on Earth, in the American south of 19th century. A slave woman named Mirian saw the ship crash in a marsh. Miriam climbed into the wreck as it was sinking and found the stasis pod. As she tried to open the pod, it scanned her physiology and fused her DNA with the viable tissue remaining of the then deceased Arnus, creating a hybrid lifeform that could survive on Earth. So, when Mirian opened the pod, she found a young black baby that for all intents and purposes was her son. Miriam took the boy home and raised him as her own, giving him the name worthy of a king or emperor: Augustus.[1]

Icon: 1839 - Present Edit

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Trivia and Notes Edit

  • Icon joined the Justice League in 2004 nominated by Superman.
  • Author's Note: So to those of you familiar with the canon backstory of Arnus, you might notice I changed a few things. I changed Arnus' backstory quite a bit. In fact, I killed him. Literally. In a lot of ways, Arnus is now not so much Augustus Freeman's old life or identity, but Arnus is now sorta his father in a messed up sort of way. I also made the Cooperative a sort of nefarious government too.

The big reasons for these changes is that I wanted him to be unique and "iconic". I wanted him to be someone where there weren't a billion other potential beings just like him on his home planet. I also didn't want Terminia to be a big part of Earth-27. They can be a threat for sure down the road, but right now they are held at bay by the threat of getting involved with the Lantern Corps.

Links and References Edit

  1. Oracle Files: Augustus Freeman IV 1/2

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