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Born to a single mother in Blüdhaven’s Melville Parr, John was never meant to amount to much. When a car accident orphaned him, John ended up in the care of an old magician named Zatara, who not only took John in as a son but also as an apprentice when he discovered the youth’s knack for prestidigitation, presentation, and performance. In honor of his surrogate father and to carry on the Zatara legacy, John changed his legal name to reflect his surrogate father’s stage name, becoming Giovanni Zatara. It was with this name that he drew in great crowds in his first solo tour and shocked the world with his amazing tricks, breathing new life into the world of illusion.

It was during this whirlwind of success that he met the woman known as Sindella, whom he would share a rather “magical” week in Turkey with before she would disappear from his life for nearly a year, only returning for a single night to leave Gionvanni with a reminder of their Turkish escapades: a little raven-haired girl named Zatanna. From the beginning, Giovanni adored his child and knew she was something special.

Giovanni trained Zatanna in his craft and she excelled his tallest at every turn with little effort. By the time she was a teenager, Giovanni was mostly retired, knowing Zatanna was selling more tickets to their show that he was and gracefully stepped aside. Then, Giovanni’s world shattered when Zatanna disappeared during a performance. For years and years, Giovanni searched for his daughter and when he found nothing, he turned to magic… real magic, the dark arts. With the help of John Constantine, a former pupil of his, Giovanni tracked down the Helm of Nabu, a relic which would grant its wearer omniscience, at a price. Donning the helmet, Giovanni discovered that his daughter was alive and well; and knew she would return, but in the process had become bound to serve as the host for the helm’s entity for fifty-two week long tours, with a single weeks’ leave between tours. Giovanni has agreed to this rather demanding arrangement as doing so allows him enough influence over Nabu to know that if the moment comes that his daughter needs protection, there would be nothing that could stop Fate itself.[1]

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