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LuthorCorp is Lex Luthor's company. It produces hardware and electronics, which "suprisingly" finds it way in Legion of Doom's hands.

It is currently overseen by Miranda Tate (Talia al Ghul in disguise) after Luthor's presidential campaign and election.

One of its products is LuthorCorp Element 7 cellphone, which is prone to self-destruction (thanks to superheroes). Another of its creations, Ikon Suit, was stolen by Wraith.

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  • In E27 Lex company it's called LuthorCorp instead of LexCorp simply because Roy thinks the name "LexCorp" is silly. Not many people name their Fortune 500 Companies after their first name.
  • LuthorCorp Element 7 is a nod to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its issues.

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