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Roy Westerman: 1983 - Present Edit

Roy Westerman was born to life of the third born child of an architect and a daycare provider in Midway City. Due to the demands of his father’s job, Roy’s family moved around a lot when he was growing up, and as such he attended grade school in Metropolis, Star City, and Central City; and briefly attended high school in Coast City before he finally moved to Blue Valley with his family, which is where he finally graduated. Having spent much of his childhood moving, Roy made few close friends and would often spend his idle time reading encyclopedias for fun, fostering a knack for trivia and deep passion for learning. That drive never left him, thrusting him into a search for higher education.

After having done a few semesters in Blue Valley Community College, Roy gained admittance to Midwestern University in Keystone City. He changed his major several times, before finally settling on Psychiatry. This decision would be a major point going forward as the path he put himself on led him to working at Belle Reve Federal Prison, before later being offered a job as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, and that is where he met a female nurse which he would later marry. By all accounts, he’s a loving husband and a great father to several children.

So, let’s talk about his time at Arkham. Roy was hire by Director Burton and assigned to treat the “misfits”, or the patients that other psychiatrist refused to work with. To his credit, Roy never complained or asked for a transfer. The simple merit would not go unnoticed by Director Schumacher who later put Roy in charge of overhauling the Intake process and the development of the “Patient Coordinator” program. Then with the arrival of Director Arkham in 2013, Roy’s initiatives were fast-tracked into implementation. As the guy in charge of Arkham’s patient evaluations and the Intake wing, Roy developed a professional relationship with the Bat Family and the Birds of Prey… and in short, we trust this guy. Maybe too much, I mean this is Gotham and everyone has skeletons in their closet, but this guy? He wears a smiley-face tie-clip, collects board games, and is a huge movie buff. So what’s he hiding? Hmm…[1]

The Monitor: ???? - Present Edit

Full disclosure, kids: A lot of the following is going to be a lot of conjecture and wild guesses. Why? Because he’s mysterious, terribly mysterious. When I think I’ve got evidence on this guy, it just vanishes… and okay, this next part is going to sound paranoid, I realize that. But I know I’ve broke the case on this fellow before and the one day I woke up and knew I had dug up the goods on him, only to be unable to remember what the hell I had figured out about him, only that I did. I’m not going crazy, I promise! I don’t even know how I got this picture!

So something about this guy wants to keep him a mystery. I’m not sure if there’s someone protecting him or if he’s the one responsible. I don’t know which idea is freakier. I’m not comfortable knowing that there’s a possibility that this someone is sneaking into my house to wipe my mainframe and my mind. Thought, if that is what is happening, I have to wonder why they leave me with just enough memory to know that something happened. Is it meant as a warning of some kind? I know they’re capable of removing all memories based on what they’ve done to the people I’ve shared my discoveries with in the past. Is there something about me that lets me resist this psychic intrusion or are they trying to say that I can be trusted with some knowledge? Am I supposed to be flattered or freaked out? I can’t tell.

Now, what else do I know about this guy? Aside from him calling himself The Monitor, I know that he’s a potent psychic and possible immortal being of some sort. Whether he is an alien or a really old metahuman, I can’t say. The Monitor has recruited at least one surrogate/assistant for whatever his agenda is. This deputy of his is called The Harbinger and he’s selected Lyla Michaels-Diggle for this role. Lyla is a girl who knows how to take care of herself, so I can’t cast shade on his choice. I like Lyla and have to assume she wouldnt0 work with this guy if he wasn’t on the up and up, but when he’s demonstrated psionic ability of this magnitude we have to assume there’s a possibility that Lyla is being mind-controlled or manipulated.[2]

Arkham Employee File Edit

Dr. Roy Westerman

Dr, Roy Westerman

Employment History Edit

  • Arkham Asylum: Resident Psychiatrist (7 Years).
  • DEO: Belle Reve Intern Psychiatrist (1 Year).

Education Edit

  • Medical Doctorate Degree in Psychiatry.
  • DEO Certified in Metahuman Pathology.

Notes Edit

  • Married: Wife & 3 Children.
  • In addition to his duties with intake intervies, employee is in charge of the APC assignments and personally oversees any high-profile patients unassigned to a Patient Coordiantor.
  • Employee’s current caseload includes: Edward Nygma (#48140), Sandra Wu-San (#51976), Jonathan Crane (#61505), Pamela Isley (#66181), Jane Doe (#72003), and Lonnie Machin (#89608).[3]

Trivia and Notes Edit

  • This profile is told by Oracle. The true origin of The Monitor can be seen in: Artifacts.
  • Author's Note: Okay, so this is obviously a fictional version of me. I have not lived in these fictional cities (at least, not anymore than the rest of you have) and I am not a psychiatrist. I also changed a lot of my personal "backstory" to fit into Earth-27's narrative and to fit me into the staff of Arkham Asylum. That being said... I am actually 6'5".(Roy)
  • Roy's address is a nod to his other projects, the Erebus Saga and the Zodiak Pack.

Links and References Edit

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