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Sasha Bordeaux: 1976 - Present Edit

Raised in France by an innkeeper named Jacques Remarque, Sasha grew up wondering who her real parents might be. When she was a teen, Sasha discovered her mother was Marie Magnier, a French Intelligence agent missing since the late 1960’s. Sasha fantasized that her mother was on a crucial assignment, deep undercover, and thus idolized her and trained to be like her. Later in life, as a military intelligence officer, Sasha made enough connections in the government to learn her mother had a relationship with an English Special Forces officer. After some less-than-legal probing, Sasha discovered that her father was now working as a butler to American billionaire, Bruce Wayne. Resigning her position, Sasha traveled to America.

Upon arriving in Gotham, Sasha became aware of an opening at Wayne Enterprises’ security division. With her military experience, fluency in multiple languages, and photogenic features; Lucius Fox assigned Sasha to oversee Bruce Wayne’s personal security detail. In this capacity, Sasha met her father, Alfred Pennyworth, and through him Sasha learned that it had been over thirty years since Alfred last saw her mother, when she had come to Gotham to ask a favor of Alfred. Alfred had been unaware that Sasha’s mother had been pregnant when she left Gotham. At a dead end on the search for her mother, Sasha saw Alfred Pennyworth as her only family. When learning of a Pennyworth tradition to serve the Wayne Family, Sasha decided to stay on in the employ of Bruce Wayne. Within a few months of being frequently ditched by her client, Sasha discovered that Bruce Wayne was the Batman. After discovering that secret, Sasha became a valued member of the Bat-team, using her military and security expertise to assist whenever needed.

Though she and Bruce dated for a while, the events of the Cataclysm made the two realize that they both deserved someone that was better suited for them, with Sasha eventually dating Jason Bard, a detective for the Gotham Police Department. The two date for eight years, with Jason recently popping the question. Lucky girl. Hint, hint, Mr. Grayson.[1]

Trivia and Notes Edit

  • Sasha is a composite character of Sasha Bordeaux, Julia Remarque, both daughters of Alfred in different continuities.

Links and References Edit

  1. Oracle Files: Sasha Bordeaux

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