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Medical Profile Edit

  • Patient is... dead? Though animate and seemingly in good health to the naked eye, patient has no heartbeat, respiration, or working digestive system.
  • Patient requires a specialized serum to maintain mobility & retain a fullness of his mental processes.

Metahuman Profile Edit

  • Patient has a metahuman ability to recover from wounds at an incredible rate and is highly resilient to damage, fatigue, illness, aging and pain.
  • Patient's collar is configured to emit electrical impulses to strain patient's nervous system, causing him to be weaker and act slower than normal.

Psychological Profile Edit

  • Patient is a sociopathic murderer, who has little regard for human life.
  • Patient detests those who are born into wealth, but is willing to work with such persons when doing so furthers his own agenda.

Behavior Profile Edit

  • Patient is legally dead and is being held at Arkham by court order due to he patient's supposed intelligence on a criminal organization which is believed to be the mythical "Court of Owls" from a local urban legend.
  • Patient will be held in an undisclosed location in Arkham Asylum and only be attended by staff personally selected by Police Commissioner James Gordon.[1]
  • Threat Assignment: Severe
  • Treatment Ranking: 3-Ambivalent

Trivia and Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When he's in Arkham he's housed in the Black Wing.

Notes Edit

  • Talon's Patient number (#101222) is a nod to his first comic book appearance: Batman Vol.2 #2 in December. 10 is a reference to Talon's date of birth: October 10th.

Links and References Edit

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